Top Kitchen & Bath Trends for 2013

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms in a home that offer a high return on their investment. With open floor plans more common, kitchens have become the main gathering room in many houses. Bathrooms are sanctuaries and people are designing them for pleasure instead of pure functionality.

The kitchen and bath remodel generally stay current for a few years before they become dated, however, trends are shortening and this year’s penchant for bright colors and metallic finishes may date trendy bathrooms sooner rather than later. The good news is that the main fixtures including stainless steel appliances and the use of ceramic tile, metal, and glass, not only for backsplashes but also for artistic expression, have a long life.

Because both the kitchen and bathroom are frequently used, it’s important to us at SoCal Construction & Design to incorporate our client’s personalities. We take the time to understand your specific tastes and preferred color palates to incorporate them into our design.

Kitchen Trends

  • Kitchens are the new living room. These spaces are no longer the domain of cooking and cleaning; they are now the place where families come together. As such, we work to make an element in the kitchen useable, enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • This year there is a return to more basic looks with butcher-block islands and farmhouse tables. Painted cabinets in bright colors are also trending right now. Think 1950’s.
  • Quartz is gaining on granite as one of the most popular materials for countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom. Quartz may initially be more expensive than quartz but quartz doesn’t need to be sealed, meaning there is no maintenance.
  • Cabinet heights and depths are no longer uniform but can be different heights and/or depths. Distressed and torched woods are also hot right now.

Bathroom Trends

  • Bathrooms can be cost-effective and beautiful. Freestanding tubs and cabinetry cut expenses. This style is referred to as the “unfitted” style. By using reused or reclaimed cabinets and other fixtures, homeowners can cut bathroom remodeling costs significantly.
  • People want their bathroom to feel like a spa. Showers are becoming larger, often replacing a tub if space is tight.

General Trends

  • The color wheel for 2013 highlights gray. In the last eight homes SoCal has worked with, gray has been utilized. White is a great accent color and still takes the title for the most popular color used.
  • In both kitchens and bathrooms, white is being paired with blending finishes, such as an island or kitchen table in a dark stain. SoCal Construction & Design is a custom furniture wholesaler. What we don’t build we can acquire for you.
  • The LED lighting and the use of reflectivity have replaced incandescent lighting. They give off less heat. Since there are many varieties of LED lighting, consult a specialist to make sure you are getting the right lighting for your home.
  • Glass tiles are gaining popularity for their ease of cleaning.
  • Touch activated faucets have crossed over from commercial use to residential in order to meet the demands of baby boomers who experience arthritis, have limited use of their hands, or hate grabbing the knob while their hands are covered with food.
  • Satin, nickel, bronze, and oil-rubbed finishes obscure water spots and don’t require excessive cleaning.

If you’re considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel, we recommend our clients take a look at Pinterest and Houzz for design inspiration. Because there is so much material on the Internet, clients can decide what they like and what they don’t like to help the design process flow more smoothly. Ideas pop up that allow our client’s unique spaces that are customized for their specific use.