Should You Wallpaper?

In the 1980s wallpaper was all the rage but then it fell out of fashion, replaced by painted walls or textured painting. Today homeowners want to know if they should wallpaper and if so, what rooms and what styles?

There are certain wallpapers that work in certain homes. For example in mansions with antique furniture wallpaper hearkens back to a certain era where richness and opulence ruled. Imagine paper with velvet texture or silk wallpaper. Some wallpaper had gold imprints.

For simpler homes, consider what you are trying to achieve with each room. Start with assessing the furniture. Is it modern or is it primarily antiques? Is the furniture meant to be comfortable or formal? Wallpaper nowadays tends to be found in more formal rooms such as dining rooms and conversely in places like bathrooms.

The variety and styles of wallpaper have come a long way in the last twenty to thirty years. While we are seeing a renaissance of fifties styles of large, bright patterns, be careful not to overdo it. Patterned wallpaper can make a room feel smaller or more cluttered. If you choose a bold pattern pair it with furniture with clean lines. Let the rest of the room maintain a clean simplicity.

The textured paper doesn’t just add another dimension to a room it adds the tactile sense. Darker colored papers can add an air of elegance and work well in formal dining rooms or sitting rooms. White or light textured paper can add tropical or natural vibes.

Metallic wallpaper will make a statement, so if you’re going to use metallic paper, save it for a dramatic wall. Consider using wallpaper on a single wall and painting the other three.

Today there are choices for wider, sweeping patterns such as tree branches reaching across an entire wall or birds flocking to the sky. Wallpaper doesn’t have to be a repetitive design.

Whatever you choose to let your individual personality come through. The above tips are just a guideline. Mix and match paint and paper. Use wallpaper on dividing walls

between recreational rooms and kitchens. Most importantly, have fun with it! This is your space.