Creating a Multi-Use Room

In smaller homes and apartments, utilizing the space you have becomes a top priority. Multi-use rooms are rooms that combine two separate interests into one space.

The most common type of multi-use room is the office/guest room. Other combinations may include a living room/guest room, reading nook/dining room, garage space/workout area, guest room/kids playroom, and laundry room/sitting area.

No matter which two rooms you decide to combine, the first step is to identify the necessary furniture. With an office, that would include a desk, chair, light and storage area for papers, and desk accessories. If this room is being combined with a guest bedroom you’ll need a bed, daybed, Murphy bed or another place for sleeping. Having a closet or some type of storage space is worthwhile to let guests put things away and to keep the room from feeling too cluttered. Remember, rooms doubling as sleeping quarters don’t need a king-size bed or oversize bed. Trundle beds are great for spaces that will sleep, kids.

Decide where things are going to go. Having a desk or reading area near windows that provide natural light and views makes sense for a lot of people. Sometimes custom furniture is needed to help everything work in a small space. This could include having a desk built into the wall with shelving above it. Looking at places like Pinterest or simply do a Google Search to gather ideas for how to arrange the space.

In circumstances where larger rooms are being divided into two or more spaces, such as a great room serving as an office, sitting area and dining room, consider how important privacy is. Things like screens or bookcases can section off areas to make them feel a little more separate. Sometimes having a dividing wall put in can give a room the space it deserves.

For homes struggling to find a place for the washer-dryer, consider having panels built in front of them so they remain concealed in sitting rooms or offices.

Another way to create the space needed for multi-use rooms is by grouping different styles of furniture together. Let each grouping have their own individual personality or style while making the room coherent by tying in a specific color.

Be wary of clutter. It’s easy in playrooms or office spaces to allow clutter to build up. Try to have a good storage system to keep things off the floor and help the room feel more open.

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