Imagination and Creativity

At SoCal Construction & Design, we believe that if something can be conceived, it can somehow be built. When you imagine your dream home, what do you see? Do you see a lighthouse with circular windows? Do you picture a log cabin retreat built entirely of recycled or reclaimed materials? How about a house with stained glass windows of woodland scenes or abstract ideas? What about an all-glass home or a home built into a rocky cliff?

We encourage our clients to find images of the elements of the houses they like. The more we know about what you want, the more we can work to make it a reality. There are so many decisions that have to be made when a house is built, or an addition added on. Even a partial or whole-home remodel comes with questions like:

-What color should the walls be?
-What color should the ceilings be?
-Do you want to trim around the ceiling? Floorboards? What kind?
-What type of hardware do you want for doors, cabinets, and closets?
-What type of lighting? How many lights?
-How many outlets? Where should they be in the room?

Having a concept of how the room is going to be laid out, what type of furniture and the fabrics/colors involved can help determine the answers to many questions. Think about how the room is going to serve you. What do you want to look at day after day?

The tactile experience of a home is another consideration. What are your toes going to touch? What will your hands rest on as you eat your dinner? What material will you sit on? We are tactile creatures and the way we interact with a room determines our experience of that room.

Color schemes not only lighten or darken a room, but they also affect mood and evoke emotion. Should your room be calming, exciting or neutral?

Working with a general contractor, architect and interior designer can help make your dream a concrete reality. How can we help you?