Why SoCal Construction & Design?

I guess before we tell you why you might want to work with SoCal Construction & Design, we should tell you a little bit about what we do.

SoCal Construction & Design is a general contractor for residential and commercial properties. General contractors coordinate construction projects and remodel. We work with your architect or designer to make your dream home or building become a reality. Working with trusted sub-contractors we are able to ensure the quality you deserve in each one of our projects.

Not only do we build new custom homes, but we also work on whole home remodels as well as additions and partial remodels. We can consult with you on whether it’s better to build up or build-out in regards to home additions.

Kitchens have become the gathering space in many homes. Having a kitchen that is functional yet aesthetically pleasing will let you enjoy cooking for family and friends. We help you custom design your kitchen. We can build custom cabinetry, find unique materials for building, incorporate reclaimed and recycled materials into your design or create a kitchen that utilizes current trends such as quartz for countertops, cabinetry of varying sizes and shapes and bright colors.

Bathrooms are often seen as a sanctuary in a home. If you want a beautiful retreat where you can hide away from the world, we can help.

Just want to bring your home up to date or renovate the space in order to sell? SoCal Construction & Design can help with that as well. We work with your budget and have creative solutions for every home space.

For those welcoming families back into their homes, adjustments may be needed to accommodate aging parents or those needing handicap accessibility. This may include widening hallways, installing bars in showers and near toilets. Countertops lower down allow those in wheelchairs to be more self-sufficient.

If you keep looking outside wishing you could enjoy your summer by Barbequing on a deck we can help you build that deck.

If you have a rental property and want to upgrade it to increase your rental income, we are here for you. From minor updates like painting, new lighting fixtures, to new flooring and bathroom or kitchen remodels, we can help.

Why should you trust us? We help you through every phase of the project, from planning and design to the actual construction or remodel, to clean up. We determine the cost, define major costs and offer alternative options to those costs to keep budgets down.

Construction is like an intricate dance. Each portion of the build requires timing with subcontractors. We keep everyone organized and on schedule. We let you know ahead of time how much will need to be paid and when. We prepare financial reports for lending institutions so you don’t have to.

We meet on-site weekly for status updates and keep in touch with you and our workers to make sure everyone is on the same page every step of the way.

If you have questions about what we do or how we do it, please give us a call at your convenience. We would love to hear from you.