How Custom Home Remodels Make Your Home Feel Like New

Today I want to focus on Complete Home Remodels. This is a little different than building a custom home. In the case of a custom home remodel, you work within the structure of the existing home.

This doesn’t mean you can’t knock out walls or add an addition while we are transforming your home. What this means is we change the look and feel of an existing home to let space work for your needs.

Some of the things a home remodel focuses on are texture and materials. You would be amazed at how changing the material of your floor changes the entire feel of the room. Going from carpet to oak floors or wood floors with throw rugs modernizes a room. Choosing a large format tile or a smaller decorative tile can also change how the room flows.  Tiles are part of the current trend of popular materials used both in bathrooms and kitchens as well as accents in living rooms and bedrooms. Sheets of steel on the walls create a unique space. The options no longer rest on wallpaper or paint.

The choice of color will also influence the mood a room creates. Neutral and natural tones create a calming effect. For those who want to create excitement, deep reds and purples help stimulate emotion.  Window treatments can change the feel of a room, whether you choose drapes or cellular shades, you can create a modern or traditional feel.

The furniture will update the feel of a home without major construction expenses. Simply replacing one large item in a room can make the entire place feel like a new home.

While those are some of the smaller suggestions for a complete home remodel, we also work to expand spaces through removing walls. Walls between kitchens and living/recreational areas are usually the first to go. Kitchens have become the go-to place to congregate. Having your kitchen and living/eating spaces intertwine allows for better communication and interaction in a home.

Adding on a balcony or a deck to a room increases the living space enormously.

There are a ton of options for a complete home remodel. Call SoCal Construction & Design today to see how we can help you transform your existing home into a structure that reflects your lifestyle.