How To Make Your Front Door Unique

How important is the look of a front door? Imagine pulling up to a home with ten-foot-tall wooden doors with iron hinges and decorative design that sweep silently inward as they open. Immediately one thinks of wealth and castles. A bright red door with a brass doorknocker can take one to thoughts of a quaint European mountain town. Doors are the gateway to our homes. How they look, what color they are all contributing to how we view the home we are about to enter. What does your front door say about you?

One of the best ways to make a door unique is to paint it – if it’s wood or another material that lends itself to being painted. Choose something that works with the main color scheme of the home. The painting window trims the same color as the door can tie the house together. Or, having the door one color and shutters or window trim a complementary color can brighten up the home. The next best way to personalize a door is to add unique doorknobs and doorknockers. From brass to wood to iron, there are endless possibilities.

Homes that incorporate a natural feel may want to use reclaimed wood for their door or their accents. Modern doors may want to incorporate steel and glass or aluminum and glass.

Consider custom designs. Have you ever visited any cathedrals or churches? The use of stained glass or brass design can create a feeling of reverence before you even step into the area. Library doors do the same, often being extremely tall and weighty, imposing and almost demanding respect. Office buildings use glass doors for transparency, but homes generally tend towards materials that offer more in the way of privacy.

From murals to stained glass to glasswork intertwined with materials like wood and metals, there is nothing a door can’t represent. From lion’s head doorknockers to carved iron door handles, a door can be imposing, welcoming, or ordinary. You get to choose how you want your door to look.

As a San Diego general contractor, SoCal Construction & Design can help you design and construct a front door that represents your individual personality.