Enjoying the Summer Outdoors

Even though San Diego summers last a lot longer than most of the rest of the country, there’s no reason to waste any of these beautiful sunny days inside.

Here are a few SoCal Construction and Design tips for upgrading your San Diego outdoor space:

1. An outdoor shower. As long as you have privacy from your neighbors, why not enjoy the sunrise with a warm shower outside? Outdoor showers are extremely popular on the east coast, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy all the benefits of hearing the birds sing, as you get ready for work.
2. Hot tubs. Whether you choose a cedar hot tub or a more traditional one, soaking away the stress of a hard day while the sun sets and evening descends is a great way to focus on the brighter things in life. Hot tubs are great for year-round outdoor entertainment and can accommodate two people to ten depending on the size.
3. Create a landscape you enjoy. If you love wildflowers, have a garden planted with native wildflowers. If you like less maintenance, rock gardens with cactus require little to no upkeep. Having something visually beautiful to look at can help keep you balanced and remind you of life’s little gifts that are all around us.
4. Hang a hammock. There is nothing like the gentle sway of a hammock to help relax and regenerate you.
5. Trees. May sound simple, but trees offer shade, help clean the air and offer a home for wildlife. Be sure not to plant trees too close to the house or the root system can affect the foundation.

If you need help converting your front or back yard into a relaxation or recreation area, give SoCal Construction & Design a call. We can also help with remodels, building decks or screened-in patios.